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Welcome to the Outback – 2016!

23 Feb Welcome to the Outback – 2016!

van on road

Our first post for 2016 and Stay on Track Outback is excited about the year ahead.  Venturing into the outback this year will expose you to wonderful terrain, vegetation, wildlife and events but in order to enjoy it to the full, you need to prepare before you leave.  If you are planning on travelling this year, you should already be well into your preparation.  This website will provide you with useful information to assist.

Remember ‘chance favours only the prepared mind’ (Louise Pasteur).  Sudden flashes of understanding and insight do not just happen – they are the products of thorough preparation.  Unique hazards involved in outback driving are confronting and if not aware of them, the result can be devastating and sometimes fatal.

When a hazard happens quickly, like a roo jumping out or a strong crosswind catching a van, drivers can often react suddenly by jabbing the brakes or swerving.  These are two of the worst things a driver can do, especially if towing.  By being aware of the possible hazards and what not to do, a driver has a much better chance of avoiding a dangerous situation with a bad outcome.

The team wishes you all the best with your travel plans and thanks you for taking the time to traverse the outback and this amazing country!

Juliet McGrath
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